“If you want to do things right while enjoying life, Don't take yourself too seriously!


Arabic translator / subtitler (from English and French) since 1996
Arabic and French reviser
Arabic, French and English proofreader
Worked for international, regional and local companies and organizations, including World Health Organization Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), CNN, African Union, AU/UN Joint Mission in Darfur, UNDP, and Pan African Parliament.


Nokia double SIM commercial 2011 (Egyptian version). Director: Mariam Abou Aouf, Agency: JWT
Nokia double SIM commercial 2011 (Tunisian version). Director: Mariam Abou Aouf, Agency: JWT
El Bab Fil Bab sitcom. Director: Osama El Abd


Experience in video editing since 2000 (before the invention of Final Cut!!!). Worked on many TV promos, video clips, teasers and TV programs.


Fluent Arabic (Classical, Egyptian, Lebanese, Tunisian), French (Plain, African, Egyptian, Lebanese accents) and English (Plain, African, French accents). Was the official voice of Mazzika TV and ZOOM from 2006 to 2007 in addition to dubbing and many TV and radio commercials.


The Riff Band’s 9th Anniversary

Photos courtesy of Amall Ishaak

Costume design and styling, especially in the retro and popular Egyptian field.
Experience: miscellaneous, including dressing the girlettes (Ghida and myself) at the 50's themed Riff Band’s 8th Anniversary at Sawy culture wheel (Nov 2010), the 60's themed Riff Band’s 9th Anniversary at Sawy culture wheel (Nov 2011), and El Lahlouba commercial.


Experience in miscellaneous fields such as post-production, copywriting, program research (folklore and sociology), and journalism (French).